Fizzy and foamy bathbombs in a range of novelty shapes. With a wide range of scents and designs we are sure you will find lots to tickle your bath fancy. Our range of bathbombs are essential for a fantastic feeling bath.Each bathbomb is packed with delicious fragrance, which is released once dropped in your tub. If you need more temptation, our bathbombs fizz and foam giving off a gorgeous display of colour. We have 2 bathbomb recipes currently. We have  moisture boosting shea butter recipe to soften and hydrates skin and is suitable for all skin types. Our next recipe is Apricot kernal oil based. Chosen due to its vitamin C and E combination. This is one of the best plant based nourishing oils out there. Baby we come!.  All our cosmetics and skin care items have been cosmetically tested by a UK chartered chemist. CPSR for any item is available to be viewed on request. All our products are made by us and are not ‘bought in’.